All right, it seems I have some time on my hands, so it’s time to open up for some commissions. I’ve actually always been available to do commissions, but it turns out that a lot of people didn’t know that! Here’s the basic rundown:

-Single character, black and white = $15
-Single character, color = $25
-Additional characters = +$5
-Only PayPal is accepted!

Easy! These numbers aren’t set in stone, however. Really, just tell me what you want and I’ll tell how much it’ll cost. A good rule of thumb is that if you want a lot of detail, then it’ll take me longer to draw, therefore I’ll charge more.

Here’s some examples of commissions I did at a con. If you want a hand-drawn piece, I’ll need another $5 for shipping. Otherwise it’ll all be digital. My DeviantArt and my Tumblr both have plenty more examples of my art.

Thanks a lot in advance, these commissions will help me continue living in a house rather than a car. Also, please consider buying a book. If you buy an artist edition straight from me, I’ll even draw a picture in it! But hey, even if you can’t afford a picture or a book, the best way you can help me out is by spreading the word about Massive Pwnage. The only thing a cartoonist ever really wants is for people to read their work. Also, money. Money is good too, I suppose.