MASSIVE PWNAGE is a nerdy, video gaming webcomic!

Ence is very lazy and laid back. Having rich parents means that he’s never had to work or have a sense of responsibilty. He spends the majority of his time playing video games, drawing, and, when he’s bored, getting into trouble. He’s currently taking art classes in order to fulfill his life’s dream of being a cartoonist.

Ence hates fish, loves poptarts, and once let his heart be consumed by darkness.

An ex-programmer, Locke is the proud owner of The Daemon’s Dice, a hobby store that he won in a duel. A duel of cards, that is, Locke’s favorite past time. He’s rather cynical and often criticizes Ence’s actions. Locke also enjoys collecting rare artifacts of “darkness” that he keeps locked in his room.

Locke enjoys reading, coffee, strudel, and birding. Locke despises The Sims and is a sworn enemy of Bubsy the Bobcat.

Alice worked as a network engineer for the same company as Locke before they were both fired. Now, she helps Locke run The Daemon’s Dice. She plays mostly table-top and collectible card games, often holding tournaments at the store.

Alice enjoys fish (often putting her at odds with Ence), and treats the Imp like a pet.

Jon never really knows what to say when asked to talk about himself. He’s been drawing since he was small, and has always had a dream of being a cartoonist. He enjoys pizza, video games, Queen, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Batman, green, and 12.

His internet name is Encifer and you can find him on DeviantArt, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube. You can find his professional portfolio here. If you’d like to know more about Jon, like what his favorite kind of pizza is, shoot him an e-mail at

Josh has been playing games since his father introduced him to a Sega Genesis in his youth. He has been playing ever since. His hobbies include writing, reading, drawing, trading card games, anime and video games of all kinds. When he isn’t hanging out with his girlfriend, playing a game or trying to work on his novel, he thinks up quirky ideas for Massive Pwnage.